About Really Specific Stories

Welcome to the Really Specific Stories podcast! Recorded, edited and hosted by podcast studies researcher Martin Feld, this show is a part of a broader PhD project about the creative practice of RSS-based tech podcasting, in collaboration with Dr. Kate Bowles and Dr. Christopher Moore at the University of Wollongong.

Each episode includes an interview with a producer or listener from a selected tech podcast case study and uses the qualitative method of narrative enquiry to uncover their experiences. Down the line, responses from each interview will be included in a final PhD thesis, aiming to achieve the following: determine what it means to participate in the tech-podcasting community; explain how and why shared creative practice acts as a form of creative resistance against big tech, news media and broadcasters, based on the open technology of RSS; and contribute to the academic field of podcast studies, drawing from other disciplines such as media ecology, fan studies and persona studies.

On top of all this, the podcast will act as an open archive of stories for tech podcast enthusiasts.

Thanks for visiting and keep an ear out for more episodes!

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