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Jason recounts his personal history as a tech enthusiast and how he built a new life on the Web as an independent writer and podcaster. Along the way, he considers his identity, interaction with fan communities and development of various solo and collaborative projects.

Podcast case study: 20 Macs for 2020 at Relay FM (producer)

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Links and Show Notes

A Highly-focused Beam 00:00:00

Building an Audience 00:10:17

Community and Persona 00:22:05

Honesty and Care 00:30:51

A Massive Media Transition 00:44:09

I Have Eight Jobs! 00:53:41


Recorded and edited by Martin Feld, using Audio Hijack and Ferrite Recording Studio

Martin’s edit in Ferrite

As an insight into community influence and my own fandom, I use Ferrite Recording Studio with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil because of Jason's early reviews of the app (such as this one) and his comprehensive demo video on YouTube. Just to emphasise the 'iPadness' of this academic/community audio project, you may notice that I left the iPadOS pointer visible in the screenshot above, which Jason also wrote about optimistically back in 2020.

Original podcast theme music by Alex Canion


A Special Note

Martin is a paying subscriber of Jason’s Six Colors and Upgrade+ membership programs; this did not influence any of the questions that were asked and did not place any expectations on Jason as a participant of this academic podcasting project.