John Gruber


19 September 2023

1 hr 23 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

John shares his personal narrative as the writer of Daring Fireball and host of The Talk Show with John Gruber, which is now both a podcast and a live show with Apple executives, held during the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. In the conversation, John explains what first captivated him about computers at an early age, expands on his passion for reading and writing and outlines how he has carved out a life of independent production and commentary, based on his technological interests. Last, he describes what he’s most proud of.

Podcast case study: The Talk Show with John Gruber (producer)

Find John at Daring Fireball.

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Links and Show Notes

The Director’s Commentary 00:00:00

A Voracious Reader 00:10:12

I’ve Carved Out this Life 00:17:04

Freely Honest 00:38:04

A Loose, Unofficial Community 00:52:29

A Vision for the Whole Internet 01:00:52

Pretty Proud of That 01:18:00


Recorded and edited by Martin Feld, using Audio Hijack and Ferrite Recording Studio

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A Special Note

Martin is a paying subscriber of John’s shared membership program for Dithering; this did not influence any of the questions that were asked and did not place any expectations on John as a participant of this academic podcasting project.