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Marco tells the story of how he became a Mac enthusiast, indie app developer and tech podcaster, covering his work on Tumblr, Instapaper, Overcast and Accidental Tech Podcast, among other projects. He also explains why he thinks it's so important to maintain the open Web and podcasting through RSS, in the face of more exclusive publishing platforms and audio hosts.

Podcast case study: Accidental Tech Podcast (producer)

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Links and Show Notes

The Stronghold of Podcasting 00:00:00

Self-taught 00:09:11

Tumblr 00:20:24

A Great Time to Be a Mac User 00:33:02

A Better Audience 00:38:13

Accidental Tech Podcast 00:49:43

Overcast 00:58:16

How the Internet Is Supposed to Work 01:05:06


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A Special Note

Martin is a paid subscriber of Marco Arment’s shared membership program for Accidental Tech Podcast; this did not influence any of the questions that were asked and did not place any expectations on Marco as a participant of this academic podcasting project.