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Scott discusses his long history of listening to Apple-centric podcasts and what it has been like to co-host and produce his own podcasts. He also asserts the importance of accessibility and the benefits of listening to (and even being part of) a minority, citing lessons from the podcast Parallel and his childhood experience as an American living in Japan. Last, but not least, he asks us all to be more intentional in our media consumption and turns the tables in this very podcast.

This is the final episode of Really Specific Stories to be tied formally to a podcast case study in the PhD project.

Podcast case study: Parallel (listener)

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Links and Show Notes

Podcast Voice 00:00:00

What the Listener Wants to Hear 00:14:35

This Stuff Does Matter to People 00:23:01

Enjoy the Learning Process 00:30:49

Be Intentional 00:37:24

  • The ‘1x train’ to which Scott refers is the shared preference of many podcast listeners to listen to audio at its original speed, rather than accelerating it or relying on algorithmic features to save time.
  • AirPods
  • YouTube

Turning the Tables 00:45:05


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