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Arlill tells the story of how they discovered podcasts (through an earlier interest in gaming) and how they came to produce Random Chatterings: a show that covers ‘all aspects of pop culture including video games, movies, television shows, and the internet at large’.

Content warning: suicidal ideation, depression, transphobia, violence and some coarse language

Podcast case study: Naked Tech Podcast (listener)

Find Arlill on Twitter @HHowardson.

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Links and Show Notes

Gaming and Group Dynamics 00:00:00

Editing Process 00:11:25

Professionalism 00:18:46

Motivation and Identity 00:23:44

Final Thoughts 00:43:19


Recorded and edited by Martin Feld, using Audio Hijack and Ferrite Recording Studio

Martin’s edit in Ferrite

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