Casey Liss


7 December 2022

1 hr 13 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

Casey shares the story of his tech fandom (starting from early childhood), through to his discovery of the tech podcasting community, work as an independent app developer and co-hosting of shows such as Accidental Tech Podcast and Analog(ue). He also elaborates on career highlights, the friends he’s made along the way and what motivates him as a creative producer.

Podcast case study: Accidental Tech Podcast (producer)

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Links and Show Notes

It Was Accidental 00:00:00

Tech Fandom and Community 00:09:29

Giving a Crap 00:28:27

Business and Additional Media 00:39:00

A Great Equaliser 00:46:14

Name Your Heroes 00:55:15

Highlights 00:59:38

The Human Element 01:04:53


Recorded and edited by Martin Feld, using Audio Hijack and Ferrite Recording Studio

Martin’s edit in Ferrite

Original podcast theme music by Alex Canion


A Special Note

Martin is a paid subscriber of Casey Liss's shared membership program for Accidental Tech Podcast; this did not influence any of the questions that were asked and did not place any expectations on Casey as a participant of this academic podcasting project.